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Service is an innovative service that allows you to make money using your shortened links. How it works is actually quite simple. Create an account and follow the instructions in your activation email, you must a valid Email address to confirm your account.

Login to your new account, enter your favorite website in the large field of your dashboard and click the button 'SHORT IT' to shorten your link! Your first shorted link is displayed and will look like
Now you have a URL that is associated with your account.

You will be paid for each action emanating from your shortened link. Hence, you must ensure that every visitor clicks on your links. It doesn't matter if you are in possession of a website or not. There are a variety of ways for users to click on your links.

Here are a few ideas:

- Facebook: Link to great websites using your new shortened link.
- Twitter: If you have a twitter account with lots of followers use your shorted link to make money from every lead!

Use your link on any site with a large amount of traffic. Imagination can lead to high earnings.

For a lead you can earn from 0,01€ to 10€ or even more. The price will depend on offers from our advertisers, as well as the deals that are available in your country. Our minimum payout for a lead is 0,01€. The maximum pay-out is 20€.

At, you are not paid for clicks. Our Service is based on CPA. CPA (cost per action) means that you will be paid for the visitors actions. If someone clicks on a link and subscribes to that website, you get paid.

Accordingly, you are paid for every action that a user performs.

Tip: Shorten links, where you expect a large number of visitors who show a willingness to complete actions.

Generally speaking, there are no limits. Keep in mind, however at you are not paid for clicks, we paid for leads, sales, etc.

No, there's no limit. You can shorten an unlimited amount of links. is a URL shortening service you can use to reduce your content links on the internet. You divide and thus earn money. Urlshortener is a CPA based URL service. You will be paid for leads and sales. Test our Urlshortener and you will realize the benefits over other shortening sites. Urlshortener excels because of its high payout rates, low minimum payout limits, payments on time, real time reporting system, and good support.

This could be because the site that you linked to no longer exists. Please check this. If this is not the case, contact us via our contact form.

If you want to see the development of your links and other statistics, you must login first. Now go to 'Shorted Links', to see a collection of your shortened links. Here you will be able to see your clicks and CPA's. The system is updated every 5 minutes so you will always have fresh statistics for your links.


You will be paid through PayPal or Paxum. Minimum withdrawal is 25€.

That does not mean that your money is lost. Once you have reached the limit, we will initiate the payment to your PayPal or Paxum account on the beginning of the following month.

The transfers are due at the beginning of the month. Please wait a few days. If no payment has been received, please contact us via our contact form.

No, that's not possible.


To report abuse, please contact us via our contact form.


Yes, that is possible. Please note, however, that is a URL Shortener based on CPA. CPA is an acronym and stands for Cost per Action and not Cost per Mille (CPM).

The more people that click on your link, the more likely it will lead to an action but just remember that you are not paid for clicks, only actions.

Yes, this happens automatically.

Yes, you can place shorted links on adult websites or adult forums.

Anyone can create an account at


No. There is no expiration date for your shorted links.

If this happens, please contact us using our contact form.

A recovery of deleted links is not possible, however, can shorten them repeatedly.


Please contact us via our contact form.

If you have forgotten your password, click 'Forgot password' button on login form and enter your Email address. You will receive an email from us with your new password. Then you can change this password in your account.

An email with the registration is sent, as soon as someone has logged on. Make sure that you entered the correct email address. You should also check that the email has not been filtered into your spam or junk folder.